Low-carb Lifelines: Seaweed Snack

low carb, keto, korean seaweed snack

I love making as many homemade keto-friendly low-carb meals as I possible can, this way I know I’m always eating meals made from the best fresh unprocessed raw ingredients with no added extras. But sometimes, especially on a workday around 3pm, I find everything in my lunchbag is gone and I’m craving something more. This is a real danger time for me, if the hunger cravings get too much I might give in to the lure of the canteen vending machine!

To help me make it through these afternoon energy slumps, I keep a stash of low-carb snacks in my work locker which I call my Low-Carb Lifelines. These are a selection of prepackaged, long-shelf life and of course low-carb snacks which I can just grab at any time to get me through the day without messing up my macros. 

One of my favourites are these Korean Seaweed Snacks, available from Tesco, or you can find similar brands in your local asian supermarket. They are simple little rectangles of nori seaweed, roasted until crispy in sesame oil. Perfect for that salty, crunchy texture that is often hard to find in low-carb snacks. Now percentage wise, seaweed isn’t all that low-carb, with around 26g of carbs per 100g of sesame roasted nori. The beauty of these snacks however is that they are so light! With the whole pack weighing in at only 4g, they contain just 1g per serving and only 20 calories. Enjoy!

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