Low-carb Lifelines: Urban Fruit coconut chips

I’ve been scouring the supermarket shelves looking for low-carb prepackaged snacks with a long shelf life that I can keep at my desk at work ready to grab when hunger strikes. Being able to snack guilt free has sometimes been the only thing keeping me away from the work vending machine! In my previous carb-filled life, I was rather partial to a packet of crisps with my afternoon cup of tea, and I’ve been looking for similar crunchy, crispy snacks to replace that craving ever since. My latest discovery is these little packs of coconut chips by Urban Fruit, the guys who specialise in dried fruit snack packs.urban fruit coconut chips low carb snack

The difference between these and other packs of coconut chips that you might see in health food stores, is that these have been triple-toasted, giving them a much firmer and pleasingly crunchy texture. They come in either original flavour, which is slightly sweet, or sriracha chilli for a more savoury spicy twist. An 18g individual pack is 90kcal and contains 3g of carbs. I get mine from Tesco, or you can find the larger 25g sharing bags on Amazon.

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