Progress Update: 3 Months Keto!

Today marks three months since I embarked on my low-carb ketogenic way of eating, so I thought it was about time to reflect on how far I have come already.

First up: weight loss

Starting weight 12st 0lbs (168lbs), BMI 27.1

Current weight 10st 11lbs (151lbs), BMI 24.3

In the past 3 months, I have lost 17lbs and brought my BMI back from the overweight category to the top of the healthy weight category!


Starting measurements: Hip: 45.5inches  Waist: 34.5 inches

Current Measurements: Hip: 43 inches Waist: 32.5 inches

I’ve lost a solid 2 inches from both my waist and hips, now fitting comfortably into a size 14 instead of busting out at the seams. I already feel MUCH better and more confident in my clothes.

Now I’ve tried various weight-loss diets and ways of eating in the past, but this has been by far the longest I have managed to stick to one particular plan. The key difference for me has been that after the first few days of keto, my hunger cravings were greatly diminished, and I noticed that I didn’t think about food all day long any more. I didn’t cheat on this diet because I just didn’t WANT to cheat at all, and that has never happened to me before!

We are just getting into the holiday season now, so my aim will be to maintain current weight while allowing myself some festive indulgences, then craking on with renewed commitment in the New Year. I have set myself the ultimate dream goal of reaching 9st 7lbs (133lbs), and I hope to be checking in with some more progress updates before too long!

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