Keto Packed Lunch: Salmon with Miso-Marinated Egg, Homemade Kimchi and Pickled Red Cabbage

Preparation is the key to making it through the working week on a ketogenic diet. The vending machines at my work place are stuffed full of carb-laden crisps and chocolate, so I need to make sure I bring with me a satisfying lunch and enough snacks to keep me on track until hometime. I like to prep up at least three packed lunches on a Sunday so I have something healthy ready to grab from the fridge.

I’m a bit of a sucker for a pretty lunchbox, and I just love these divided bento boxes from Sistema that allow you to keep up to 5 different components nicely separated.

This weeks lunches include:

  • A Steamed Salmon fillet on a bed of green veg and spinach leaves
  • A hardboiled egg, marinated in miso sauce
  • A pot of pickled red cabbage
  • Some Homemade Kimchi


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