Book Review – The Keto Reset Diet Instant Pot Cookbook

keto reset instant pot mark sisson recipe book

I was very excited to see this book released on Amazon recently combining two of my favourite keto trends, Mark Sisson, author of the hugely popular Primal Blueprint, and Instant Pot pressure cooking!

Mark’s original Primal Blueprint book was quite a gamechanger for me when I first picked it up several years ago, and really kickstarted my whole journey into achieving optimal health through natural eating. Mark has more recently jumped on the keto bandwagon, promoting his take on the Keto Reset diet. For me, primal eating and the ketogenic diet are really two sides of the same coin, both working to reduce processed carbs and focus on whole food healthy eating, just approaching the issue form different angles.

There are many keto recipe books on the market already, but this one jumped out at me immediately due to its focus on Instant Pot-friendly meals. This book has 75 new recipes, covering breakfasts, main meals, side dishes and desserts, so even experienced keto cooks are bound to find a few new ideas here. I’m starting to work my way through some of the recipes, my favourites so far include hemp seed porridge, and Brussels sprouts with pancetta!

Beautifully illustrated and with a handy carb breakdown for each recipe, this book it one I am sure I will get a lot of use out of over the coming months.

Verdict: 4 stars – well worth a look

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