No-bread wraps: perfect for a low carb workday lunchbox

Chilli quorn wrapped in a spinach omelette and spring greens

Succeeding long-term on a low-carb diet means having suitable food options for all aspects of your life. It’s one thing being able to create a low-carb dinner from the comfort of your own kitchen, but quite another to make sure you are organised in advance for work, college or trips out, to keep you away from vending machines and carb-laden snacks when hunger strikes. Preparing a fresh packed lunch every day, on top of all the other day-to-day cooking I do was getting to be a bit of a burden, and had me fondly remembering the days I could just throw togather a ham and cheese sandwich in 2 minutes!

My latest solution is these breadless wraps, which could be made up in bulk on a Sunday night and kept in the fridge, just grabbing one each morning to take to work.

The key to these wraps is the outer two layers. First I start with some spring greens (collard greens), choosing a handful of nice big leaves, trimming out any tough stalks, and softening up the leaves in boiling water for 2 minutes.

Next, I make a simple 2-egg omelette for each wrap, cooking it off in a frying pan. Sometimes I add in a bit of chopped defrosted spinach to the egg mixture for extra healthy brownie points! Don’t bother fluffing up the eggs as you want it to stay quite flat.

Lay down 2-3 spring green leaves on a chopping board and cover with the circular omelette. Add whatever filling you like, perhaps one of your favourite sandwich fillings? This week I’ve been alternating between tuna mayo and chilli quorn pieces. Roll up the wrap tightly, wrap in clingfilm and store in the fridge. The wrap will firm up a bit when chilled and end up nice and easy to eat by hand. Just like a tortilla warp with none of the carbs!

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