Running in all weather – spring marathon training

Training for a UK spring marathon means that the bulk of your training miles need to be done in the somewhat bleak, wintery months of January – March. In reality this means running in the dark, cold, rain, and sometimes the snow!

Now, before this year I was a bit of a fair weather runner. I didn’t really like getting my shoes wet or muddy, and I hate leaving the house when it’s cold! However, with the London marathon looming, I just can’t afford to miss a training session due to bad weather. I’ve been forcing myself to get out there no matter what, and I’ve actually started to quite enjoy it!

My regular Tuesday night running group gets me out in the dark, and I always get in my Monday long run no matter how cold. I’m always plenty warm enough after the first mile anyway!

Our parkrun course at Walthamstow turns into a muddy bog over the winter months, so I’ve invested in a pair of extra grippy trail shoes to stop me sliding around too much. In fact; my whole running wardrobe has had a bit of an upgrade, with new warmer long-sleeved tops, hats and gloves to keep me comfortable.

I’ve definitely learnt that bad weather is nothing to be afraid of – and now the days are starting to get a little lighter, it feels as if spring is around the corner!

Read all about my London Marathon 2019 training here!

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